BioThings Explorer

Exploring Biological Data Through Linked API Services

Knowledge Map Explorer

The availability of scientific data through RESTful APIs provides a rich source of information for scientists to support their research. However, the risk of this pervasive availability is that an individual researcher may fail to find relevant information that is outside the direct scope of interest. BioThings Explorer is a tool which can guide researchers identify the right API(s) to use among similar ones based on specific research tasks.

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API Crawler

As a biologist, you might ask for all the biological knowledge (e.g. protein, pathway, chemical, anatomy, etc.) relevant to your research interest (e.g. gene CXCR4). API Crawler the right place to go. It is essentially a linked-data service which can return connected biological data for a specific biological entity (e.g. Gene Symbol CXCR4).

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BioThings Navigator

Don't want to waste your time finding the right APIs, reading through their tedious documentation and then fetching the results from these APIs? Here you go! BioThings Explorer provides a central point to access all the data provided from a variety of biological APIs on the fly.

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