NIH/BD2K grant awarded to further develop and funding

The proposal to develop and into to a community-knowledge aggregation platform has been funded as one of the four projects to receive a Data Wrangling Award. Data Wrangling is one of four specific areas of need identified and funded as part of the BD2K initiative's aims for Targeted Software Development.

As an up-to-date gene annotation query service, API already handles over 2.5 million queries/month for researchers around the world. Building on the success of, we have now launched, an equivalent service for up-to-date annotations on variants. Whether you want to retrieve annotations for observed variants (using genomic-based HGVS names), or query for known variants matching your criteria (e.g. those associated with genes, diseases), allows you to do this and more. Use to make queries across multiple annotation types.

Currently, already includes annotations of over 280 million variants from twelve data sources, including popular dbNSFP, ClinVar, EVS, COSMIC, and dbSNP. And we are continuing expanding our coverage of variant annotations, e.g. ExAC data will soon be available from

Visit to learn more or try the live API here.