BioThings Explorer

Exploring Biological Data Through Linked API Services

MetaData Explorer

Whether you're a biologist, a software engineer or a bioinformatician -- in fact, anyone in need of understanding how to utilize a biological API service -- MetaData Explorer is right place to go. It consumes the Smart-API Specifications of APIs and convert them into Sankey Plot, where you could easily understand what are the inputs and outputs of an API as well as their relationships.

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API Crawler

As a biologist, you might ask for all the biological knowledge (e.g. protein, pathway, chemical, anatomy, etc.) relevant to your research interest (e.g. gene CXCR4). API Crawler the right place to go. It is essentially a linked-data service which can return connected biological data for a specific biological entity (e.g. Gene Symbol CXCR4).

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BioThings Navigator

BioThings Explorer is the "Google Map" for biologists. It utilizes Smart-API Specifications to build a network of APIs. And by traversing through the network, BioThings Explorer could help user identify potential paths connecting two biological entities through multiple API calls. In addition, BioThings Explorer could chain those API calls together and fetch relevant biological data through JSON-LD technology.

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