We have just released a new data build. Here are some highlights of this release:

  • New addition: EXAC

    EXAC is a popular source to get population genetics summary (e.g. allele frequencies) of many observed human variants. You can now access these data from MyVariant.info programmatically (field: exac):

GET http://myvariant.info/v1/variant/chr22:g.46615880T%3EC?fields=exac  

  • New addition: GRASP

    GRASP provides a catelog of published genome-wide association studies (GWAS). You can now access associated GWAS data (field: grasp) from a given variant using MyVariant.info web services:

GET http://myvariant.info/v1/variant/chr8:g.108447635C%3ET?fields=grasp  

  • New addition: SnpEff

    We have now included pre-computed SnpEff annotations to almost every variants we have. You can access them under snpeff field:

GET http://myvariant.info/v1/variant/chr18:g.76754521G%3ET?fields=snpeff

GET http://myvariant.info/v1/query?q=snpeff.ann.gene_name:BTK  

  • Updated: dbNSFP

    Existing dbNSFP data has been updated to the latest v3.0b2.

GET http://myvariant.info/v1/variant/chr7:g.55241707G%3ET?fields=dbnsfp  

As always, the updated information for all data sources is available from our documentation. You can also check out this table for all annotation fields (>480 fields) available from MyVariant.info.